My 20 year old washing machine

November 2, 2009 — Leave a comment

God spoke to me in a very strange way today. He spoke to me in the midst of an ordinary task, a domestic chore, at a time when I wasn’t consciously speaking to Him.

It was when I was putting the washing out to dry.

I was struck by how great and clever it was that you put dirty things into the washing machine, turn it on, and then an hour later, they come out clean. For me, this was a bit like our relationship with God. If we surrender ourselves to Him, and give our lives to Him for His glory, he washes us clean as snow (Ps.51). This in itself is an amazing truth. Only God can wash us clean. The things that we surround ourselves with, they cannot do it. It is only God who can wipe the slate clean, forgive our transgressions and make us clean, by His mercy. That’s amazing.

Then, I though about our washing machine, which is about 20 years old and showing it. When it’s on, our machine does it’s best to leave the house. It wobbles, vibrates, shakes, moves and generally everything you expect an old washing machine to do. At first, I didn’t link this to what I had just thought. But then I sat down and read the account of Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness in Luke 4.

And, through the Bible and washing machines, God spoke to me again. For God to make us clean is not an easy process. When we give our all to God, surrender everything to Him and give Him control, it can hurt us. Things that we’ve buried away for years come up to the surface again. The cleansing process that God works in our lives is a bit like my washing machine. It’s a bumpy ride, a shaking ride, a time of uncertainty and of fear at times.

But the end result is something amazing – God cleans us, washes us pure as snow, takes away our sin and gives us new life in Him. It’s not always easy, but then even Jesus was tempted in the desert by the devil.

Only God can wash us pure as snow and, whilst it’s not easy, it’s the only way for us to live – to give our lives to God, and allow Him to use us for His glory, and allow Him to cleanse us and to wash us clean.


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