November 20, 2009 — Leave a comment

Time is a funny thing, isn’t it. We complain that we never have enough of it, even though we still only get 24 hours in a day. Time controls us in ways which we don’t realise, yet it is one of the fundamental parts of how our society in the West runs.

Time is, in our views, proportional. When we’re busy, running around manically, trying to do six different things, it seems that we never have enough time. We just run out of time to do that last task. But then, when we’re bored, with nothing to do, time drags on forever. 3 hours can either fly by at a sports game or a show, or it can drag stuck on a plane.

It seems to me that the same sort of disproportionate view of time applies to our quiet times with God. We can quite easily sit and watch a TV show for half an hour; yet when it comes to spending time with God, half an hour seems an age. Usually people seem to get shifty after about 10 minutes. Why is it so hard for us to give our time to God?

Perhaps its a form of Spiritual warfare. Someone once said ‘the devil’s most powerful weapon is busyness’. And I think this is so true – we spend so much time running around chasing our tails, we have forgotten what its like to stop and spend time with God. When we do sit down, our minds drift to our phones, emails, things to do, dinner, and all sorts of things. Because we hardly ever stop and be still, when we force ourselves to, we become uncomfortable and distracted.

But ultimately, I think the problem is that we make our quiet times our only times of the day we spend with God. It often seems that we spend our days manically running around, and then stop to give God five minutes. But because we haven’t been in a dialogue with God for the rest of the day, this time of silence becomes bitty and distracted, thinking about the things of our day.

Trying to have a relationship with God for only five minutes a day isn’t going to work. We have to give all our time to God, to be in a permanent conversation with Him. Then, we will find that our lives take a different course. God begins to guide our days, help us in our decisions and lead us in the ways He wants us to follow.

Perhaps, instead of trying to force our quiet times to help us meet with God, we should dedicate our entire days to God, our entire lives to God. Only then will our relationships with Him begin to flourish.


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