Five People to have for dinner

January 11, 2010 — Leave a comment

At church last night, we were asked which two people – alive or dead – we would have dinner with if we could choose from anyone in the world. This got me thinking about who I would have, and I’ve increased the size of my dining room to allow me to fit five guests in. So here they are (in no order of priority):

Nelson Mandela. There’s probably not a lot I need to say here; this man is a hero of mine, and he’s been an inspiration to millions around the world. I’d have so many questions, but just to see what he is like and hear him speak would be an amazing experience.

Martin Luther King. Same sort of things go for MLK as they do for Mandela. I know they are probably both very popular and – dare I say it – cliche answers, but I’d love to ask MLK how his faith encouraged him and comforted him through all the trials and tribulations he faced. To even sit with him would be an honour.

Martin Luther. He was a complicated guy. He changed the way the church looked with his reformation, but he was also a troubled and pained man. I’d love to ask him about the contradictions of his life, and why he was so passionately against the church. He’d be someone I’d perhaps worry about being in the presence of, but someone who I’m sure would be fascinating.

John Newton. From slave trader and murder to passionate Christian, John Newton was an amazing person. I’d love to ask him about his faith, his revelations with God and his friendship with William Cowper. I’d love to hear, in his own words, his experience of God’s amazing grace.

Donald Miller. He’s the only one of my dinner guests who is alive, and so the only one I stand the tiniest of chances with! But this guy’s books blew me away; the idea of living our lives as part of God’s story turned my life around. I’d love to simply sit and chat with him about life, and hear his stories.

So that’s my five…


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