I’ll be there for you…

February 24, 2010 — Leave a comment

I’ve been really struck the last few weeks by the beautiful gift of friendship that God gives us. Sometimes, when God blesses us with things, we end up taking them for granted. I think this is especially true of our friends.

There is no doubt that God loves to bless us with relationships. Right at the start of the world, God knew that man did not like to be alone. Adam was given Eve, not only a partner but a friend. And throughout the Bible, the importance of Christian fellowship comes through clearly.

But so often we can forget these wonderful blessings. I’ve been really aware the last few weeks of just how much of a wonderful gift the gift of friends is. Whether it’s worshiping together, serving together or simply chilling out together, all of these situations are in their own way acts of worship to God.

But we take our friends for granted; I know I’m guilty of doing this. We so often choose to do things for our friends only when they suit us; not like the self-sacrificing, loving character of Jesus. The way Jesus acted, this is how I long to act and love my friends. I long to help them, to be there for them, and to make them know that they are really important. Most of all, I want to be there to help them with their walk with God.

Let’s not make our friendships relationships that only benefit us when we suit; let’s make them loving, God-centred relationships that encourage, inspire and support those that mean the most to us.


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