God is Near – Louie Giglio

April 20, 2010 — Leave a comment

This was posted by Louie Giglio back in October, and I just read it again today.

God is near.


Night closes in.

Darkness falls.

Brightness fades.

Day is gone.

Say what you want.

Think what you will.

But it’s true.

It’s there.

It’s real.

Suffering and pain.



Is a long time.

When pitch black crawls.

At midnight’s call.

Yet all is not lost.

For something shimmers there.

Like stars above.

Canyon above.

In that crevice low.

They fall so near.

So radiant seem.

Gladly beaconing.

Heaven’s lights.

At fingertips.

Always there.

But now so bleak the skies.

Like fireflies close they shine.

Only here.

In the deep, deep depths.

I see.

I don’t like suffering.



Or pain.

Or broken things.

But when they come.

God is near.

Everything is more clear.

In the surreal.

Is real.

Grace appears.

When sorrow comes.

I know I need the crushing waves.

Buffeting as they may.

To wash me over.

Into the day.


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