Love is Winning

May 17, 2010 — 2 Comments

I got a T-Shirt the other day from a charity, and written across it in big letters is the phrase ‘Love is Winning.’

Mars Hill Church in Michigan give out bumper stickers that say ‘Love Wins.’

Tavis Smiley, the American TV and radio presenter is quoted as once saying ‘Love Wins,’ and his quote is now on Starbucks take-away cups.

Why am I saying this? Because ultimately, love does win. This world can seem like a pretty harsh and bleak place at times. It can seem as if everything is going wrong, from wars to ash clouds to debt to poverty. A glance at the statistics of the direction the world is heading is pretty depressing, to be honest.

Occasionally, however, there are glimpses of God’s beauty, moments where heaven breaks through to earth and we catch a sight of the amazing God who made this world. More often than not, these moments involve love.

It’s the moments when people give sacrificially of themselves. The moments when someone who has bee deeply hurt and wounded chooses to forgive instead of hold a grudge. The moments when, in the face of adversity, people triumph and conquer.

It’s the moments when, in the midst of pain and hurting, love shines through the darkness. God’s love wins – we know that to be true. Whilst it doesn’t make everything comfortable, it makes everything different. It shrouds everything in this blanket of God’s love, and it tells us that, in the end, everything is going to be ok.

God is love, and we love because God first loved us. As followers of Jesus, our lives should be focussed on love – loving God, loving those around us, loving the world in which we live. Love conquers all, not because of what love is, but because God is love.

I sometimes wonder what the church would look like if we all took this message to heart, and genuinely ran with it. I’m as guilty as the next man of not doing so, but just thinking of what that could look like to a broken world is amazing.

Love is winning. Love wins.

God is winning. God wins.


2 responses to Love is Winning


    Hi James,

    This is what its all about – fantastic!



    Clare – thanks so much! Hope you guys are all well.


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