Regular Syncing with God

June 23, 2010 — 1 Comment

As a self-confessed Apple geek (I know), I get extremely excited about the advances and developments in Apple’s products. So the last few months have been pretty exciting for me – the release of the iPad, the new iPhone and yesterday, the software update for my version of the iPhone.

The minute I turned my computer on yesterday, I began the software update. I even began the process before I sent any emails or checked Facebook and Twitter, which is my normal routine. I got so excited about the prospect of being able to sync my iPhone that everything else was put on the back-burner. And then when it was updated, I spent a good deal of time and battery on being excited about the new software.

This led me to thinking about how we conduct our relationships with God. I know for me, my relationship can look more like an irregular system update than a continual, active dialogue. I have moments every now and again when I really sync with God, where I effectively update my relationship with Him and feel all new, shiny and up-to-date inside. But these times can be surrounded by seasons when I feel like my relationship is out of date and lagging behind where I would like it to be.

And I think the reason that this is the case is that I don’t try to sync my life with Him enough. I’m too content to have these irregular moments of meeting with God, and then to spend the next while wondering why I feel distant and not plugged into God. My phone syncs every couple of days; this is certainly not true of my relationship with God.

I’m aware that I, and maybe Christians in general, need to make more of a conscious effort to plug into God more often, to sync our lives with Him and to continue our dialogue with Him. Only then will we life fully, live in love and grace, and live the life that God longs us to live.


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    This is such a great analogy!

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