Living for God in the Busyness

July 23, 2010 — Leave a comment

One of the great ironies of being a Christian involved in church activities is that I often spend more time doing things for God than being with God. This is especially true over the summer months. For example, I’ve got three weeks of conferences and camps this summer, as well as the preparation required before them. This is on top of all the other regular happenings in church.

And I know plenty of people who are equally, if not more busy with activities over the summer that are intended to help people meet with God.

It’s great – really great – that so many Christians give up their time and their giftings in order to make these events work. But my worry is this.

So often, it’s so easy to spend so much time preparing for these big events that we actually lose sight of God in amongst it all. Running a kids holiday camp, for example, is something that requires so much preparation that it can be really easy to lose God in all the busyness.

I think that, honestly, as much as God loves all these activities and events, he loves it more when we spend time with Him. It’s so easy to forget to spend time with God, to get so caught up in everything else that God gets shoved to the back of the list.

So this summer, as you prepare for whatever you’re doing, great or small, near or far, make sure that making time for God is at the top of your list. Make sure that God doesn’t get pushed aside in our well-meaning attempts to organise things for Him, and make sure that God always – always – comes first.


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