Hope and IKEA

September 6, 2010 — Leave a comment

Here’s some words I read the other day:

“It’s funny how we tend to look for happiness in the big things. When actually, we have a better chance of finding it in the little things that have been with us the whole time. A beautiful shell that still sounds of the sea. A thank you card that reminds us of laughing late into the night with friends. Putting your feet up on the table. Waking up to the smell of breakfast. Deep carpet between your toes after a long day. Cosy inside, while it’s stormy outside. Or, the cold side of the pillow on a hot night.”

I wonder if you’d ever guess where these words were from. You might think of a self-help book, perhaps an inspirational poem or song lyrics. Maybe even a Christian book. But if you guessed any of the above, you’d be well off.

That extract was in fact taken from the IKEA catalogue.

Our world is one that is looking for somewhere to place its hope, somewhere to place its trust and its love. That’s why everyone, even furniture stores, can use this longing of the human nature to their advantage.

It is so clear that people now are looking for answers. People are desperate to find something to hope in, yet often they end up placing their hope in the wrong places – in money, relationships, jobs, fashion, fame and material things.

Jesus offers us true hope. Through the cross, through His coming and dying for us, we have hope in a life found in Christ. This hope is not a promise of an easy life, but it is a promise of a fulfilled life, found in Christ. That is true hope.

We must place our hope in Christ, and in Christ alone. And we must spread word of this amazing hope, to bring others into God’s arms. This world desperately needs to find hope in Christ, and to trust Him.

After all, a big part of God’s Kingdom is hope and trust in Him. And we all play our own small part in bringing God’s Kingdom to life on earth.

So broadcast hope.


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