Theological Completion

January 14, 2011 — 2 Comments

I didn’t blog over Christmas. I felt I needed a break. And honestly, I had nothing really to say, which is fine. So rather than write something for the sake of it, I just kept quiet. Ecclesiastes 5.2 and all.

There’s been something on my mind lately, however. In Christian circles these days, there’s a lot of talk of ‘complete’ and ‘incomplete’ theology. Some prominent Christians are said to have complete theologies, others are said to have incomplete theologies. And whilst I know what is meant by these statements, I wonder sometimes what they really mean.

The picture above is one that is commonly used to depict the Trinity. It’s quite effective, because it’s three sections all linked together, which is like the Trinity. However, it is incomplete. Because it is not God. There is nothing we have that is a perfect example of the Trinity, except the Trinity. I like that, because it means that we can’t fully comprehend God and compartmentalise Him down to small, world-friendly chunks.

So whilst I understand what is meant by complete and incomplete theologies, I wonder if there is such a thing as a complete theology. I’m not trying to suggest some people are right, and others wrong. I’m also very keen to ensure that the church has an accurate, Scriptural theology.

I just wonder if the terminology is helpful. Maybe it is. I just wonder, that’s all.

2 responses to Theological Completion


    Nice. I think understanding, especially when it comes to God, is way overrated and can get in the way of simply knowing.


    ‘Trinity’ can be unhelpful terminology definitely – like we are limiting God to just the three characters of His we are aware of…

    It also makes me think of the third Blade film… ;o)

    And as Gordon Brown often said in the televised leadership debates in the run up to the general election… “I agree with Nick”…

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