March 11, 2011 — Leave a comment

I knew what I was going to blog about when I walked into work at 6.30am this morning. On the way in I’d heard a few reports through Twitter that something had happened, but as I looked at the screens first thing this morning, I knew that Japan was in trouble.

Japan is a country used to earthquakes, if you can be used to such a thing. Although it will surely go up, the death toll is mercifully low at the moment for an earthquake that’s the seventh strongest since records began. This doesn’t mean that this isn’t a tragedy, however. Just looking at the pictures, it is hard to take it in.

Dirty water flooding over fields, pushing buildings aside.

Whirlpools in the sea, with boats dotted around them slowly being sucked in.

Pictures of buildings shaking.

Oil refineries exploding.

People terrified.

It was heartening to see the #prayforjapan hashtag appear on Twitter almost immediately. It’s currently number two on my trending topics, below a sponsored item (that alone says a lot about the state of our world).

We need to keep praying though. The tsunami that has formed as a result of the earthquake is still on the move and, although it has not done any more serious damage, it could still wreak havoc.

Lord, be with the people of Japan. Comfort them, protect them, support them and uphold them. Be watching over all those places where the tsunami might hit, and guide people to safety. This is out of our control, but within Yours. Amen.


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