Hebrews 6

March 16, 2011 — 1 Comment

This is yesterday’s (15th March) blog and yes, I know, it’s a little late. But I think it still counts.

At Bible study last night, we were looking at Hebrews 6. I was leading the study, and found it a really tough piece of Scripture to get to grips with. I found it particularly challenging that the author says in vv.4-7 that it is ‘impossible’ (seems to be a similar word in most translations) for those who have slipped away to come back to repentance with God.

That’s a pretty strong statement, and one that I think we can’t simply dismiss.  I don’t know how literally to take this verse; reading around, it seems that most theologians don’t quite know either. But there’s a lot of things to think of there. If anyone has any thoughts, I’d love to hear them.


One response to Hebrews 6


    I think I always go back to the prodigal son. After all I know many people who have gone away from God only to return.

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