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Failing (40 Days day eight)

February 21, 2013 — 3 Comments


It’s Day Eight of my 40 Days of Water challenge and I have to admit I’ve failed.


There are genuine reasons for both slip-ups. The first was to resolve a family argument over a mistakently bought cappucino, and the second was because someone had bought me a drink. For both I’ll double my donation, and I’ll also make this Sunday a fast day. So I’ll make up for it.


Initially, I was annoyed that I’d so easily slipped up. This is a challenge, but clean water is readily available and it’s not like I need any other drinks to survive.

The reason I think it got to me so much is that I’m starting to realise just how much I take for granted. For some people, getting clean water alone is a daily battle. In my world, I am regularly presented with a selection of dozens of drinks to choose from. So often it feels like these choices are an inconvienience, but when you compare what we have with what others have, a sense of perspective appears.

What these slip-ups have made me realise is how simply we (and for ‘we’, read ‘I’) take for granted how lucky we are, and how much we have. With that in mind, it’s made me even more determined to keep to the challenge over the next 32 days.


To learn more about blood:water mission visit their website, and to learn more about 40 Days of Water visit the campaign page. You can also follow #40days on Twitter.