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I spend a lot of my year (75% I suppose) longing for autumn. I love autumn. It’s by far my favourite season.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the other seasons as well. I love spring, the new life that it brings and the excitement in the air. I love long, balmy summer evenings and warm early mornings, and I love the chill and the emptiness of winter.

But autumn is where it’s at. There’s something about autumn which I find beautiful. Those crisp, clear days, surrounded by leaves the colour of rust and gold. Although it is contrary to what is actually happening, for me the world comes alive in autumn. Vivd colours. Animals frantically preparing for the long winter months. The smell of fire. Mist. Frost.


In autumn, I find hope. Not because autumn itself is a season of hope, but because I know there is hope and new life on the way. Autumn is like those quiet pre-dawn moments, when the sun is preparing to flood the earth with its light and warmth.

Autumn is the pre-season.

I find it comforting because I think a lot of life is lived in the pre-season. The season of waiting, preparing, watching things change around us. The season after a time of growth and flourishing. The calm after the storm.

Stuck in the pre-season it can be hard to see past the impending chill of winter. Hard to remember what summer was like, what the new life of spring was like.

But autumn is an important time of preparation, a time of reflection, a time of looking forward to the next season which we know and believe is round the corner.

A time of hope.

A reminder of the blessings that have been, and a glimpse of those that will be.

That’s why I love autumn.