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Today marks day four of my 40 Days of Water challenge. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been as bad as I thought. There have been moments when I’ve craved other drinks (orange juice and coffee especially), but on the whole I’ve been OK. Expect for when I tried to ask for a tap water in McDonalds. That resulted in a lot of confusion.


I am starting to realise it’s not going be that easy to keep this up for another 36 days. It is very tempting to just have a small sip of juice, or a quick cup of coffee. And in a way, it’s worse at home. When I’m out, I have to buy drinks, and so it’s easier to stop myself. At home the drinks feel like they are free (although they aren’t), and so there’s a stronger temptation.

But what I am realising is how much I take water for granted. I’ve started to realise just how many things in my day involve water – not just the obvious, like drinks, but also food I eat and the things I use which require water.


I think – and hope – one thing this challenge will make me realise is that water is something we have permanent access to, whereas for so many it’s a precious and rare thing to have clean water.

That is something which is not fair, and something which we should all seek to change.